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        China can build a demonstration project of making new chemical materials by coal quality utilization, and put it into operation.

        Article source:The station Upload time:2022-09-22

        On September 16th, 2022, the first phase of the demonstration project of new chemical materials by coal quality utilization of Yulin Chemical Company of Shaanxi Coal Group (hereinafter referred to as Yulin Chemical Project), the largest coal chemical project under construction in the world, which was deeply participated in by China Energy Construction Northwest Institute in EPC general contracting mode, was officially completed and put into operation.

        Yulin Chemical Project is the largest coal chemical project under construction in the world, with a planned total investment of about 125 billion yuan and an annual coal conversion of about 24 million tons. It is a demonstration project of coal conversion with strong coal processing capacity, high industrial integration, complex technical integration and close industrial chain to the end market, representing the high level of China's coal chemical industry.

        Northwest Institute has mainly undertaken the core power and transportation sub-projects of the first-stage project of Yulin Chemical Project, "1.8 million tons/year ethylene glycol project", that is, power station device and coal storage and transportation device. Among them, the power station includes five 670-ton/h coal-fired boilers and four 50-megawatt back-pressure generator sets, which are responsible for providing the steam and electric energy required by normal production to the whole plant to meet the operation of chemical plants.

        The coal storage and transportation device includes two dumpers, two round coal yards, eight transfer stations, two kilometers long coal conveying trestle and three coal conveying belts, which are responsible for conveying fuel coal and raw coal for the gasification, pyrolysis and power station of the whole plant, with an annual conveying capacity of 7.6 million tons.

        In the process of project construction, China Nengjian Northwest Institute made bold innovation and careful design, overcame the difficulties of epidemic situation, shutdown, tight construction period and poor construction conditions, made scientific planning and careful organization, promoted the project to be completed and put into operation on schedule with good quality, and took a solid step for the company to expand into coal chemical industry.

        Original title: The first phase of the largest coal chemical project under construction in the world, completed and put into operation!