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        Secretary-General Wu Peiguo attended the International Bridge and Tunnel Technology Conference and presided over the theme forum of major engineering equipment, new materials and new technologies.

        Article source:The station Upload time:2022-09-19

        On September 13th-14th, the 10th International Bridge and Tunnel Technology Conference and' the belt and road initiative' High-end Forum on International Engineering Science and Technology Strategy, sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering and jointly sponsored by China Railway Society, China Highway Society, China Rock Mechanics and Engineering Society, China Construction Machinery Industry Association and Shanghai Civil Engineering Society, was held in Shanghai. With the theme of "Promoting Innovation and Development, Casting High-quality Projects", this conference comprehensively focuses on the infrastructure construction and development in China, which focuses on bridge and tunnel projects, and the experience of traffic infrastructure construction and management in "the belt and road initiative" since the 18th Party Congress. This conference has set up two main forums and seven thematic forums, namely, major bridge and tunnel construction forum, "the belt and road initiative" traffic infrastructure construction forum, road and bridge construction operation and maintenance forum, tunnel (tunnel) and underground engineering construction operation and maintenance forum, major engineering equipment and new materials, new technology forum, youth forum and subsea tunnel safety and disaster control forum, and organized 116 expert reports, which were presented to you from multiple perspectives, aspects and levels. At the same time, the conference launched the 10th anniversary exhibition of scientific and technological achievements and technological innovation of major bridge and tunnel projects. More than 30 academicians at home and abroad, more than 80 industry masters, experts and scholars shared their reports around the theme of the conference "Promoting innovation and development, casting high-quality projects" through online and offline participation. More than 300 leaders and experts from enterprises and institutions, international organizations, universities and research institutes, industry associations and associations attended the conference.

        At the forum of major engineering equipment, new materials and new technologies, Yang Huayong, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and dean of Mechanical Engineering College of Zhejiang University, gave a report on Some Exploration of Key Technologies of Intelligent Shield, and Liu Jiaping, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor of Southeast University and director of State Key Laboratory of High Performance Civil Engineering Materials, gave a report on New Progress of High Performance of Bridge and Tunnel Concrete. Cheng Yongliang, general manager of China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., made a report on New Technology and Application of Underground Engineering Equipment in Weak Strata in East China, Wang Hai, deputy general manager of Beijing Representative Office of Heracle Company, made a report on Comprehensive Application of All Kinds of Heracle Equipment in Traffic Infrastructure Construction, and Jia Lianhui, chief engineer of China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. made a report on Innovation and Application of Construction Equipment for Tunnels of Pumped Storage Power Station. Guan Linxing, deputy chief engineer of Urban Traffic and Underground Space Design and Research Institute of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., gave a report on the application and thinking of shield and pipe jacking tunnel in municipal engineering, and Li Liping, executive vice president and professor of Qilu Jiaotong College of Shandong University, gave a report on the technical exploration and progress of tunnel robot and intelligent roadheader. Hu Xudong, Dean of the Bridge and Tunnel Equipment Research Institute of China Railway Engineering Machinery Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., gave a report on the Development Course and Trend of Precast Concrete Girder Transportation Equipment, and Wang Zhicheng, Deputy Commander and Chief Mechanic of Wuhu Yangtze River Tunnel Construction Headquarters of China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., gave a report on the Main Construction Technical Problems and Solutions of Super Large Diameter Slurry Shield in Wuhu Yangtze River Tunnel.

        This conference combines online and offline, domestic and foreign, conference report and achievement display, major engineering achievements and enterprise innovation achievements, with rich contents and various forms. At present, the century-old changes and the century-old epidemic situation overlap, and the successful convening of the conference is of great significance for rallying industry forces, enhancing cooperation and exchanges, promoting engineering science and technology innovation, and helping high-quality economic and social development.